Radar life detector

DKL life detector is composed by human emitted ultra-low frequency electric fieldinduced by the living location. At the same time, DKL is equipped with specialelectric wave filter can be other animal, frequency is different from people such as dogs, cats, cattle, horses, pigs and so on to be filtered to remove, field makesDKL life detector will only feel the human heart. This product is made of USA DKLcompany with the world's most advanced biochemical dielectric, ultra low frequency transmission and DNA technology research and development, have been a number of patents. Its volume is small, weight is less than 1kg, easy to carry, rescue, fire team is widely used in more than 40 countries in the world. AsUSA 911 World Trade Center bombing rescue, Japan Sapporo earthquakerescue. Through the research and development of DKL company five years, lifedetector Model15 officially began operation in 2009 January, all military assembly of parts, high precision detection further! Strong penetration, detection range is wide, easy to carry, no external power supply.