Single gas detector

ToxiRAE II toxic gas detection alarm (or oxygen), is a personal portable gas detector. The sensor using electrochemical sensors, sensitive reaction, the percentage concentration suitable for continuous detection of toxic gas inindustrial and mining enterprises environmental ppm concentration in the air or oxygen, direct digital display gas concentration field values, and display theSTEL, TWA and the peak concentration readings. When the environmentalconcentration is high, STEL, TWA and upper limit, lower limit of sound, light,vibration alarm, warning field personnel to leave the dangerous area. ToxiRAE IIuses intelligent design, built-in MCU, menu type parameter adjustment, withoutopening the cover regulation. Optimized structure design can easily replace thesensor and the battery, the ToxiRAE II is more economical and affordable.ToxiRAE type II instrument using single key operation, use, calibration and programming simple, delicate instrument size, shape and novel design, firm and reliable, and can be put in the pocket to carry.